About the ETSO

The East Tennessee Symphony Orchestra consists of accomplished musicians who volunteer their time to enrich their community through music. Membership is based on current openings and auditions as we seek to have a well balanced orchestra capable of delivering high quality musical performances.

If you’re interested in joining please contact the section leader below.
Strings – Emily Drexler

Winds – Christa Dingman

Brass – Daren Bissell

Percussion – John Garvin

Board of Directors

Franklin Farrow, Board Chairman
Dr. Jack McClarty, President
Jim Coltrin, Vice President
Richard Hickam, Conductor Emeritus
Lisa Kuhlman, Secretary
Karen Shostak, Director of Marketing
Dolly Fillman
Chip Liles
Sharon McKee
Dallas Scott III

Honorary Board Member

Dr. Gordon Bietz


Mathew Miller, Executive Director

Jeremy Francisco, Associate Conductor

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